The Practice of Ashtanga Yoga
Visual Manifestations of a Sacred Practice

by Michelle Beatrice Delphine Haymoz
Photographer and Ashtanga Yogini

I am fascinated by the landscape of the human body, its grace, its connection to gravity and light, the natural forces within and around it, and its infinite expressiveness.

It is my intention as a photographer to capture not just the beauty of the pose, but the beauty in each individual expression of the pose. Beauty has many facets, like the divine light of a diamond. A photograph can hold that flash of light up to the viewer, allowing us time to contemplate its meaning.

I seek to reveal that beauty, to bring it to the visual surface and capture it in its genuineness — an expression of the Divine. In the photograph, one of the many ways the practitioner emanates divinity is brought to light, and I consider this my calling.

By capturing Ashtangis in their practice in different settings—in California, India, and beyond—each photograph becomes a moment of unity, revealing the permanent in the impermanent. Each practitioner becomes one with the setting, the practice of Ashtanga, and the body itself. There are many poses — advanced or seemingly simple — but each finds new meaning in every practitioner.

Photography has a special relationship with time, and can unveil the hidden meaning of each moment. It is my intention that in viewing this website, you may be both inspired and moved by these visual manifestations of a sacred practice.



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